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5 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

5 Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger | The Musk India

When it comes to makeup trends, bigger eyes appearance won’t get outdated. While it’s impossible to change the size of your eyes naturally, there are still a lot of eye makeup tips you can use to make your eyes pop.

Here, we go through some simple yet compelling tips, regardless of whether you need to make your eyes look bigger or hide little imperfections.

So, let’s get into that without any delay!

1.    Choose the Right Eye Shades

Eyeshadow is an integral tool for making your eyes look brighter and bigger. The sort of shades you use can have a significant effect on your appearance. Probably, dark shades will make your eyes look smaller while light shades on the lid make more space between eyelashes to open up. A great approach people suggest of applying eyeshadows is to use angled brush strokes starting from underneath the brow bone line which makes more covered lids without excessive product use.

However, not just applying the right shade is necessary, also you would require a perfect brush for a great final look. For that, we have already introduced the best collection of brushes to assist you through the entire process.

2.    Use a Darker Eye Pigment

Try applying a shimmery, bright shade to the lids as a base for the look. Then, make your eyes look bigger by adding definition to the crease with a pigment that is a little bit darker than your complexion. When it comes to the shimmery eye look, don’t forget to view our best-selling eye glitters and eyeshadow pigments that won’t disappoint you.

3.    Avoid Dark or Thick Liner

The extremely thick or dark liner makes a definite eye outline, further enhancing the smaller eye size. So, instead of that, use a stubby brush to get a soft look rather than sharp. If you really want to apply dark liner, then try a liquid one that begins closer to the center of the lash line rather than the inner corner. Expand the liner into a wing at the external corner to make the eye pop.

4.    Try Wispy Eye Lashes 

Setting the lashes wrong can make a remarkable difference to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Rather than an entire row which can make the eyes look excessively defined, stick to the external corner. Soft eyelashes at the external top corner of the eyes draw the eye upward and outward. Also, it is the ideal final detail to any look.

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5.    Shape Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are like a frame to the eyes. When shaped perfectly can give the eyes a brighter lift. Apply a brow cleanser or gel to softly brush them because it provides a little eyelift that will remain set up the entire day.

Get your eyebrows done by finally using our Dual Brush (Eyebrow + Spoolie) MBM02 to fill up the gaps.

Above All, Enjoy Yourself!

These eye makeup tips are all about experiments and putting your best self forward. Have fun trying new looks that begin with some practice of course. So, invest your time playing with different shades, products, and find your new regular. Regardless of whatever eye makeup look you go for, always remember it should make you feel confident and happy.

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